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Each written appraisal is bound and organized, complete with detailed descriptions and digital photographs. More importantly, we provide an accurate valuation that will stand the test of taxing bodies and legal authorities. The appraisal information is arranged to meet the needs of our clients and conforms to the rigid code of ethics established by the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF APPRAISERS.

Each certified appraisal includes a Transmittal Letter, Cover Pages, a Curriculum Vitae, Terms and Conditions, digital photographs and an affidavit signed by an officer of United Appraisal Group. Appraisals are based on Fair Market Value, Replacement Value, or Liquidation Value.

United Appraisal Group draws on years of experience and knowledge to provide current market data for your appraisal needs. Our service and expertise is the choice of Corporations, leading Private Collectors, Banks, Trust Departments, Insurance Companies, Attorneys, Accountants and many other Professional and Commercial Clients.

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